IoT solutions help overcome challenges, improve digital maturity, and enhance automation. However, compatibility issues, data variations, and network protocol differences pose obstacles. Our technology offers customized systems, seamless integration, and advanced data analysis for efficient operations.

Organizations pursuing to position IoT solutions to hit a wall of complexity and redundancy caused by the incompatibility of hardware, software and different network protocols even entire solutions that coexist in their ecosystem. Without mentioning the high cost of extensive integration processes in order to customize proprietary solutions offered by different vendors.

IoT Major Components

Anything that connects sensors to various entities, enabling control, monitoring, and self-improvement.

It collects and transfers data to the cloud or other networks, enabling interactions between things and the environment.

It stores diverse data collected from things, including sensory, operational, and historical information.

The extraction of valuable information from stored data, aiding decision-making, enhancing efficiency, and offering personalized services.

Simplification of use and benefits of connected things through user-friendly interfaces that can be graphical, smartphone applications, or other forms.

We process and analyze the data collected from devices. We utilize advanced software and artificial intelligence techniques to extract valuable patterns and insights from the data, transforming it into usable information. We employ software for comprehensive control and coordination beside the use of appropriate programming languages and development tools to design and implement distinctive user interfaces.
We select and utilize suitable devices to offer solutions according to the problem at hand. These can include sensor devices for environmental data collection or advanced devices such as embedded systems. We also establish connections among various devices andenable operations such as device activation and deactivation, sensory data measurement, and customized programming procedures.

Success Stories

IoT Projects

We have overcome the challenges faced by Asyad Company in their maritime fleet, allowing them to track and monitor various devices and systems on their ships in unprecedented smart ways.

Our company has successfully implemented its system in several buildings of the General Authority for Special Economic Zones and Free Zones, enabling them to monitor and control their buildings in customized ways.

Onsor have deployed our systems that have assisted Oman Broadband Company in customized monitoring and control of numerous server rooms owned by them, spread across the country.



MADA Solutions Powered by Onsor Technologies

  • Cost reduction on maintenance visits
  • Low cost by preventing equipment damage
  • More insight on operations & equipment
  • Reduction of down time
  • Reduction on Issue identification time

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