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Beyond the Borders
Inauguration ceremony & signing of agreement

Going Beyond 

In a world where technological advancements are accelerating and companies are competing for innovation and excellence, Onsor Technologies strives to excel and continue to lead in the field of technology. Today, we take a new and distinguished step in the world of modern technology by launching a glasses-free 3D technology from Oman to the world.


Without the annoying glasses!

This technology is characterized by giving users a 3D experience without the need to use glasses, making it easy and comfortable to use. It also provides a realistic visual experience that helps enhance imagination and creativity. Through a specially developed screen to enable this technology on Onsor devices, cameras mounted on the top of the screen monitor the movement of your eyes, and through your viewing angle, a 3D image is formed for you. This means that you can watch a 3D movie from your home without cinema tickets and without annoying glasses!


To Empower

This technology opens up vast opportunities for many sectors, as it enhances education and enables teachers to provide more engaging and interactive lessons. It also enriches the media and entertainment experience and contributes to improving the electronic gaming experience. Education: It can be used in the educational and training process to display the most complex educational content in a three-dimensional way, ensuring ease and enjoyment of receiving various sciences, and increasing their interaction and focus with it. Defense: This type of computer can be used to display three-dimensional models of military equipment, which helps to improve accuracy in dealing with them, understand their uses, and reduce the cost of training on them. Entertainment: Without glasses, the 3D display technology can significantly improve the entertainment experience. There is no need to surrender to visual fatigue and bulky lenses, but you can relax and enjoy the content without glasses! Industry, oil, and gas: Three-dimensional virtual reality technology can play a vital role in equipment training in the industrial, oil, and gas sectors. This is due to the possibility of embodying equipment with great accuracy and realism, and simulating operation and maintenance processes in all their details and under realistic conditions.

We at Onsor Technologies are proud to announce our innovative partnership with zSpace, where we offer our advanced technology to realize their vision in developing 3D content. We will begin introducing this technology in the US market first, then in Oman and the rest of the world. This partnership will allow us to enhance training processes in industries such as oil and gas, by providing a realistic training experience that simulates real equipment and devices, without the need for 3D glasses. We will also work on developing 3D content in the fields of education and entertainment, which will help improve the user experience in these areas. We believe that this leading partnership will help improve innovation and development in the world of technology, and technology is the key to improving people’s lives and making the world more advance will have a positive impact on communities and economies around the world. We believe that, and we look forward to continuing to work hard with zSpace to achieve these goals.

In conclusion, at Onsor Technologies, we are thrilled to say that the use of 3D technology is an incredibly powerful tool for both training and education, allowing us to create interactive and lifelike environments that enhance learning and stimulate creativity. Our partnership with zSpace marks a significant and exciting step in achieving our mission to deliver innovative and user-friendly technological solutions that improve training and education processes in various fields. We are dedicated to developing advanced and useful technological solutions that empower individuals and communities, all while achieving progress and prosperity in various fields. As an innovative and cutting-edge technology company, we are proud to make this statement and share our commitment to excellence with you.