Return, Refund, and Warranty Policy

We, at Onsor, sincerely hope you have a smooth experience and complete satisfaction with our product. The following warranty policy has been issued in accordance with the consumer law(s) in the Sultanate of Oman and is in the best interest of the consumer and Onsor Technologies LLC.

1. Warranty Services
This warranty includes multiple services whether in the first fourteen (14) days of purchase, or during the first year. Onsor warrants this product and all its accessories are free from manufactory defects and workmanship. Hence, the product is eligible for the following services.

1.1 Product return and or replace

Within the first fourteen (14) days of receiving the product, the consumer is eligible to return the product if it is defective and is suffering from a manufacturing defect and/or workmanship failure. Onsor will provide a full refund or a replacement device (as most appropriate, at the sole discretion of Onsor).

1.2 Product maintenance

During the one (1) year period, from the date of purchase, the product’s maintenance is provided by Onsor at any of the Onsor trusted service providers (see section 2.2 for more details) under the scope of eligibility, i.e. the issue has risen from a manufactory or workmanship defect(s).


2. Onsor Warranty Information
All products are covered by the one (1) year manufacturer’s warranty. The manufacturer’s warranty takes effect from the date of purchase. You must check and read the Owner Manual before using the product to make sure it meets all safety, security, and electrical local requirements. All Onsor products have received quality control approvals and are deemed to be functional when shipped by us. If there is any problem with the purchased product after the first fourteen (14 days) of receiving it, it is recommended to contact a Onsor trusted service provider directly.

2.1 Warranty period of the product

The warranty of Onsor products takes effect from the date of purchase mentioned officially and is valid from one (1) year from the date. The proof of purchase, in the form of e-receipt, must be always kept safe and available. Failure to present this e-receipt will result in the termination of the warranty and exclusion.Onsor warrants this product to be free from defects in materials and workmanship provided the usage of the device complies and accordance to Onsor’s published instructions and guidelines in the Owner Manual.

2.2 Onsor Trusted Service Provider

We have launched this service to serve the consumers of all Onsor products. All adjustments, modifications and maintenance must be done at one of the trusted service providers only. Any of the above services carried at a non-trusted service provider will result in the immediate termination of the warranty. For more information and to find the nearest Onsor trusted service provider, please contact Onsor customer support team.


3. Warranty Applications, Inclusions, and Exclusions 

3.1 Warranty inclusions

This warranty only applies to newly manufactured products and not second-hand, used or refurbished devices, regardless the date of purchase. Despite the highest possible standards, Onsor does not warrant this as an error-free device.

3.2 Warranty exclusions

Onsor does not warrant the device(s) from failure resulted from misuse, third-party accessories use, normal wear and tear, external factors including fire, liquid contact, humidity, improper maintenance, accident, services carried by non-OTSP or any other actions not within Onsor’s control. This warranty does not apply to:

  • Tampered, repaired, or modified devices by unauthorised personnel.
  • Damage caused using third-party products, accessories or software.
  • Damage occurring due to wear and tear and/or normal aging.
  • Cosmetic damage including dents, scratches, breaks and other.
  • Damage caused by misuse and neglections or abuse.
  • Damage occurring as a result of improper installation, cleaning or maintenance.
  • Damage caused by external factors including weather conditions, natural disaster, fire, liquid contact and other.
  • Software issues including but not limited to data loss, viruses, corrupt files, etc.

4. Consumer Law and Regulations 

Onsor works in the best interest of the consumers in accordance with the rules and regulations for consumer protection. The following link lists all regulations that apply to all Onsor products and services listed above and sold in Oman. The consumer protection law – PACP Oman