Onsor Technologies
Technology for Everyone
Announcement of 50% Discount on personal laptops

Onsor Technologies, the leading company in the field of technology and innovation, announces the launch of the “Technology for Everyone” campaign. During this campaign, Onsor will offer discounted prices of up to 50% on personal laptops, along with exceptional offers and discounts. The campaign will be available from May 22 to May 25, coinciding with the major technology event in the Sultanate of Oman, COMEX 2023, which will take place at the Oman Convention and Exhibition Center. The objective is to fully leverage information technology and personal computing, enabling individuals to use technology and achieve their aspirations in the digital world.


Engineer Maadh bin Ahmed Al Hinaai, CEO of the company, highlighted that the “Technology for Everyone” campaign is an inspiring initiative by Onsor Technologies to empower everyone to fully benefit from the power of technology in a connected and advanced world. This campaign reflects the company’s commitment to achieving digital transformation and surpassing personal and professional boundaries.


Al Hinaai affirmed that those interested in acquiring Onsor’s personal laptops will find them at the COMEX exhibition with discounts of up to 50%, in addition to the option of ordering them through Onsor’s official website with free delivery, making them accessible to everyone. This reflects the company’s commitment to enabling everyone to use technology and exceed their capabilities. He emphasized that technology is not just a tool but a window to endless opportunities. Through our “Technology for Everyone” campaign, we seek to empower as many people as possible with our specially designed devices to push them beyond their limits and achieve their aspirations.


It is worth mentioning that this is an opportunity to surpass personal limitations, and explore new horizons of innovation and development. By participating in this campaign, you will be part of an amazing technological journey that grants you the ability to achieve your aspirations in a technological world that serves as a gateway to infinite opportunities.