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Our surroundings are infinite, and they are bound to keep growing, until they seize to exist. For that purpose, we are eager to explore and extend our arms to them. OctoNet aspires to monitor, connect, explore and utilize its surroundings to their approximate extent.

Let’s Explore The
Internet of Things Together

Have you ever heard of “Internet of things?” What comes to mind when you see or hear this term? Is the internet going to change things, or is it going to be the other way around? Is it possible that they would both change one another?

Let us take a look at ‘Things’ from ‘Internet of Things’. ‘Thing’ refers to everything that exists as well as everything that can be imagined, this ‘thing’ can be anything from electronic devices, furniture, clothing, to forms of transportation and buildings. While it may seem that a thing is restricted to inanimate objects, it is much broader including animals, plants and even humans. In general, anything to which we can attach a processing unit to can be a part of the Internet of Things world.

Moving on to the word “Internet” which derives from the fact that there must be a network that connects these ‘Things’, allowing them to exchange data and interact with one another over the internet. In the Internet of things world ‘things’ will be free to make their own choices without human intervention; as a result people will be able to free themselves more, simply put, humans will be able to control things without having to be physically present with them! Isn’t it incredible?

Imagine The Future

Is the concept of the Internet of Things still confusing to you? If it is; consider the following daily routine that will likely be true in the next few years.

Imagine that as soon as you wake up your bed detects that, and sends a signal to your alarm clock to disable the ringing if you woke up ahead of time. Your bed, alarm clock, or both will send a series of signals to a series of things, that will open or close curtains, adjust ventilation and lighting and prepare your coffee and breakfast depending on your everyday mood, your mood that day will also be analyzed by your mirror in order to arrange a warm or cold bath for you, and if it detects signs of exhaustion or symptoms of sickness will rush to make an appointment for you at the nearest hospital, canceling all of your morning appointments, as well as displaying all the messages and news that interest you. You leave home and use your home keys to enter your car, the same key will serve as a security key to identify you and determine if you are permitted access to public services around the world. Your car will be as smart as your home, it will be self-driving and linked to all surroundings; regardless of who is driving and roaming in the outside world, you will be able to know where these things are, how fast they’re going, and whether they need to change their route; since the road will also be part of the items linked to the Internet of things world, it will be able to tell how many vehicles are on the road, what is the best route to maximize fuel efficiency, and whether the road or traffic conditions have changed, helping you in avoiding traffic jams, collisions, and road closures. Much of this has already occurred, and the remaining part is just around the corner from happening!

This is only a drop in the bucket when it comes to describing the world of the Internet of Things, where Onsor aspires to make its mark and portray its perceptions to what is beneficial to you and your prospects.

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