Critical Environmemts & Facilities Monitoring

Optimize your operations the monitoring and management of Critical Environments and Facilities like POPs, shelters, Individual Distribution Frames, and server rooms, reducing operational downtime, with Onsors’ Advanced Monitoring Solution. Onsor enables you to craft a solution that meets all your monitoring needs, seamlessly integrates with your current systems, and supports the incorporation of new devices to fill any data voids. Our solution ensures you stay informed with real-time alerts and notifications, enabling proactive responses to any condition changes, safeguarding your operations around the clock. 

How Our Devices Connect To Yours


Real-Time Monitoring

Continuous oversight of environmental conditions and facility operations, ensuring immediate visibility into all aspects of your critical infrastructure. 

Alerts & Notifications

Customizable alerts and notifications that enable swift action in response to predefined conditions or anomalies, minimizing potential disruptions. 

Data-Driven Decision Making

Access to comprehensive data analytics and insights, facilitating informed decisions that optimize operational efficiency and resource allocation. 

Scalable        ​Solution

A flexible solution that grows with your needs, allowing for the easy addition of new devices and sensors to address emerging requirements and expand capabilities.

Why Onsor?

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