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Experience a revolutionary leap in digital engagement with Onsor's cutting-edge 3D display laptop, AMAD. Fueled by groundbreaking Simulated Reality (SR) Technology, AMAD transcends conventional boundaries, offering a new era of immersive interaction. Elevate your digital encounters as our Amad device transforms ordinary content into captivating experiences, seamlessly merging the realms of the digital and the real. Welcome to a world where innovation meets immersion, redefining the way you engage with technology.

Technology Behind AMAD

Simulated Reality (SR) Technology

creates a glasses-free 3D experience using autostereoscopic displays. These displays feature lenticular lenses that project distinct images into each eye, giving the illusion of depth. Integrated eye-tracking adjusts the imagery based on user movements, ensuring a seamless 3D experience as you interact with the display.

Switchable 3D Cell Technology

The ability to toggle between traditional 2D and captivating 3D visuals offers unparalleled versatility, catering to diverse needs and preferences. Beyond entertainment, this technology holds promise in enhancing productivity, education, and communication. Imagine a world where your device adapts effortlessly to your context

Where Imagination

Meets Innovation

Fueling Creativity, Empowering Excellence

Elevating The Learning Experience

AMAD laptops are more than tools; they're companions on the journey of learning. With immersive 3D content and software, AMAD provides a safe and controlled environment for students to explore complex concepts, conduct virtual experiments, and engage in hands-on learning experiences that prepare them for the challenges of tomorrow.

Building Tomorrow, Today

In the fast-paced world of industry, safety is paramount. AMAD technology provides a secure platform for industrial training, allowing workers to hone their skills in realistic 3D simulations without risk to themselves or equipment. From virtual equipment operation to emergency response scenarios, AMAD ensures that training is effective, efficient, and, above all, safe.

Where Entertainment Comes Alive

Experience a new era of entertainment with AMAD. Immerse yourself in breathtaking 3D visuals that bring movies and games to life like never before. Whether you're watching your favorite films or diving into the latest games, AMAD's cutting-edge technology ensures an unforgettable experience filled with depth, detail, and excitement.

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