Meet our People!

Meet our passionate team while Abdulwahab Al Zadjali our Product Specialist takes everyone on a tour to meet our people!

Maadh Al-Hinaai, Onsor Technologies CEO, Yazin Al-Musafir Onsor Technologies COO and Ahmed Al-Shukaili Onsor Technologies CTO started their journey as a creative team in their early years as students.

The team continues to grow with more innovative individuals and teams such as Hamza Al-Naamani, Senior Industrial Design Engineer, Ali Al-Babwani, and Marwa Al-Busaidi, our Hardware Design Engineers. Mansoora Al-Busaidi and Mohammed Al-Kalbani our Software Developers. Deema Al-Khalili, Marketing Administrator.

In the operations team, Zahra Al-Ishaqi is our Quality Administrator, Ahmed Al-Hadhrami our Logistics Administrator, Hussam Al-Hamdani and Sajia Al-Ismaily are our Product Support Administrators.